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Blue DotMultiple Monitor Support under Windows 98:
Most MIRAGE cards are fully compatible with Multiple Monitor Support feature under the Win 98, to provide an extended desktop on your fixed frequency monitors




















Start Here: If you are looking to find a practical way to use your High Quality SUN, SGI, HP, IBM Workstation or MAC type monitor as a fully PC Compatible unit or inquiring about MIRAGE Product Compatibility with your monitor/s and Pricing Information for MIRAGE video cards, please check-out one of these Categories:

Sony, Sun, DEC, HP, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, IBM, Silicon Graphics or All Monitors Database: Apollo, Ikegami, NCD, Radius, RasterOps, SuperMAC

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Since 1987,MIRAGE has been a Leader in Design and Manufacturing of the Best and the most affordable Video Boards to Support all kinds of monitors, especially the ones so called "Fixed Frequency" monitors.
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What our Customers Say about the MIRAGE products?

We have provided the MIRAGE's solution to a long list of Loyal Customers, who throughout the years helped us to stay and grow and become "THE LEADER" in Producing the PC based video cards which support the workstation type monitors.

MIRAGE  Video boards have been recommended for years by Technical Departments of many major manufacturers of the fixed frequency monitors in US, such as: Sony, Mitsubishi,.... to their customers who own such monitors.

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MIRAGE money back Guarantee:

All Mirage video cards carry a 30 day money back guarantee. If they do not work with your monitor, you can obtain an RMA number to send them back within 30 days. Nothing to risk and you get full refund (shipping not included). Mirage video cards work with just about any monitor from 31 kHz to 102 kHz.
So Do not delay any further. Order your Mirage card today and make your monitor up and running in minutes.




New Annoncement

BIOS Upgrade for your Illusionist Video Card available

NEW MIRAGE Ultra 3D 64Mb AGP Video Card  for Fixed Frequency Monitors


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New MIRAGE IllusionistPro+ with LCD+TV Out

All MirageVideo cards support:

  • Sync-on-green,  Composite Sync and separate Sync to support any monitor with any kind of input and frequency.

  • Power up and see your cmos (bios), Dos, Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000,  Windows XP, Linux, VGA safe mode and 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1152x864 and 1280x1024 on most special monitors.
  • LCD & TV Out available (optional)
  • 8, 16, 32 or 64 MB of RAM
  • 128 bit 2D/3D Processor
  • AGP 4X bus speed
  • Available in AGP and PCI
  • S3TC Technology: 200 MB of Texture Mapping
  • Max resolution of 1920x1440
  • 32 bit Color (>16.7 million)
  • TrueFlash, onboard Flash BIOS allows the user to customize the card to support any Fixed Scan and all Multi-Scan type monitors.
  • Full screen, full speed hardware assisted DVD replay: Just add a DVD drive!

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MIRAGE's Commitment to you:

Unlike other solutions that may try to  give you partial solutions in one resolution or offer old outdated video cards,  MIRAGE proudly continues to introduce the new and more exciting accelerator video cards at affordable prices, with features comparable to the best mainstream video cards. More products will be released, as we test the latest accelerator processors for integration in our video products, upon their compliance with fixed frequency monitor's requirements.

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